History of Kings and Queens of England in Middle Ages

The Middle Ages in England lasted from the 5th century trough 1485. The collapse of the Roman Empire led to the rise of the Middle Ages. The early Middle Ages was an interesting period for England, which was part of Britannia.

The economy, which was once dominated by Roman spending, struggled.

Local groups and families would eventually start to establish villages and centers, which would lead to the term “king” being used in the 7th century. The kingdom of Mercia became very powerful and was ruled by King Penda in the 7th century.

The period was filled with strife, as the Vikings started to invade and turned England into a battlefield. Alfred of Wessex, the king of Mercia and Northumbria at the time, was forced into exile before winning victories against the Danes.

The House of Wessex would stay in power for some time. Alfred the Great started the house in 871 and Edward the Elder‘s death in 924 ended the reign of the House of Wessex. Edward’s death led to a dispute before the house was restored weeks later when Æthelstan took power.

Æthelstan would remain in power as an unmarried ruler until 939 when Edmund I took control of the house, followed by Eadred, Eadwig, Edgar the Peaceful, Edward the Martyr and Æthelred the Unready.

Sweyn Forkbeard, a Danish king, would invade and take over the land in 1013 before dying in 1014 less than two months after becoming king.

The House of Wessex would then be restored, with Æthelred reigning as king until April 1016 before Edmund Ironside took control.

The title of “king” would then go to the House of Denmark when Cnut the Great would be the Danish king that took control of the kingdom. He ruled from 1016 through 1035, leaving the house in the hands of two successors who ruled until 1042.

Edward the Confessor would restore the House of Wessex in 1042 before the House of Normandy regained control from 1066 through 1135. William I, William II and Henry I would follow as rulers.

Stephen of House of Blois would then control the throne from 1135 through 1154 before Matilda gained power in 1141.

House of Anjou would put Henry II, Richard I and John on the throne before Louis VIII of France ruled part of the area in 1216 – 1217. The title would then go to the House of Plantagenet,leading to Henry III controlling the throne from 1216 through 1272.

Edward I, Edward II, Edward III and Richard II would control the title from 1307 through 1399. House Lancaster would control the title through the remaining part of the Middle Ages under the rule of Henry IV, Henry V and Henry VI.

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